There’s a pair of shoes for every occasion!

Whether your child has just taken their first steps or they are practically a marathon runner, find the right pair of shoes for all occasions: winter and summer shoes, sports and casual shoes, etc. Whatever the situation, your little one will always put their best foot forward!

Shoes for babies and children

DPAM shoes will accompany your little one throughout their childhood, so you need to choose a pair that suits their age and their needs.

For babies not quite walking yet

Your bundle of joy will spend their first weeks horizontal, so that they can rest their spine. So, wait a few weeks before buying booties for your newborn, and make sure you choose soft ones so as not to hamper the growth of their little feet. Avoid rigid shoes that might be tight on their feet. At around 12 months, your baby’s feet and legs are sturdy enough to hold their weight, so they will start to walk. It’s time to buy them their first real pair of shoes!

For baby’s first steps

A confident walker will wear baby shoes with no problems, while more hesitant babies will need softer shoes that mould to the shape of their feet. However adept they are at toddling around, always choose comfortable shoes (high top for optimal support, reinforced soles, breathable, etc.) that are easy to put on and tighten (zip on the side, laces, etc.).

For on-the-go kids

Go for anti-slip soles to avoid any falls and strong materials like leather to absorb shocks and resist wear and tear. DPAM offers a wide range of little trainers and boots for toddlers between 18 and 25 months as they run around on their first adventures.

Shoes for every activity: sport, walks, about town, parties

There’s nothing like a good pair of shoes to make sure your child is on top form all day long, whatever they are doing.

For sports time

A decent pair of trainers will be your little one’s best friend when they go to play their favourite sports. Whether made from soft leather, to ensure optimal comfort and support, or from canvas, for a more lightweight feel, we have trainers for all occasions. Choose a pair with a lining and a textile insole, so that your child’s feet can breathe during exercise, and with velcro, so that they are easy to put on and adjust.

For family outings

For long walks in the heart of nature, choose waterproof footwear, especially if the weather is not at its best. You should also think about the thickness of the soles; thin soles may hurt your child’s feet during excursions.

For looking their best around town

DPAM offers a range of casual leather trainers that are as fashionable as they are comfortable. Whether for girls or for boys, they are the perfect choice for city walks and for going to school. For parties and special occasions, choose a pretty pair of T-bar sandals or ballet pumps for your little girl, or some leather derby shoes for your little boy. Guaranteed chic in all circumstances!

Winter and summer shoes

Once your child starts toddling around and standing up for half the day, you need to adapt their shoes to the outside to keep them at just the right temperature.

The rain and the cold

For very small children, go for fleece-lined booties to keep their feet nice and warm. When your child is a bit older, more options open up:

• Leather boots for stylish little ones;

• Leather boots or trainers with fleece lining for optimal comfort;

• Waterproof ski boots for mountain excursions.

If they’re forecasting rain, choose some fun rubber rain boots from the DPAM range with colourful prints and motifs.

The sun and the sea

For seaside walks, there’s nothing like some gorgeous sandals with comfortable soles. Practical, durable leather sandals are by far the best option. Choose some colourful strappy sandals or floral flip-flops to protect their feet this summer, or even rubber sandals if they are likely to go paddling in the sea and climbing on the rocks.