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So young and already so great! A hooded jacket for both boys and girls with a harmonious print all over. Long sleeves. Halter fastening. Heather grey lining. Double jersey-knit quilted velvet.
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Is the baby's gender a mystery? Go for a mixed gift! This embroidered sweet and innocent outfit makes this indispensable. Fully zipped front opening. Hood. Neckband.
$ 32,00
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You don't know the baby's gender but already want to spoil it? Choose this velvet onesie with a stitched kitten pattern. Discretion and innocence are in the spotlight! Full snap front opening. integrated slippers.
$ 25,00
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Bodysuit with polka-dots or two characters and Bb, this set of two cross leotards provides choice and is suitable for both baby girls and baby boys! Long sleeves. Snap side and crotch opening.
$ 19,00
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This is a toy adapted to safely awaken the senses of new-borns! It is the ideal birth gift and represents care that can stay with your baby for a long time.
$ 19,00
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