Choosing clothes for school!

It’s the beginning of the new school year and time for our children to go back to school! It’s time to think about the list of school things, school bag but also about new clothes…. But what is a good wardrobe for school, one that is equal to all challenges? DPAM gives the update on priorities for the new school year, for a well-thought wardrobe for school. Indulge and choose beautiful clothes that’ll entice your children to dress themselves for going to school!

Resistant clothes

When we think of school, we think of the classroom, the blackboard and concentration; but school is also about playtime! Football matches, Freeze Tag, skipping rope, and the whole lot of playground games punctuated by falls! To accompany your children in their great playground adventures, they need clothes that live with them, which are resistant and strengthened in critical places.

Ideas for little boys

We opt for trousers with reinforced knees to protect the daredevils. A detail which avoids the small cuts and bruises but also sewing up torn trousers! When it comes to fabrics, choose resistant fibres, such as canvas, to make clothes last all year – jeans which are both solid and trendy, are the champions. Choose pairs made with part elastane for greater comfort.

Ideas for little girls

Little girls have as much thirst for adventure as little boys. But for “girly” clothes composed of dresses and skirts, we opt for woolen tights. They have the merit of being thick, resistant in case of falls and keep your little girl’s legs warm! Shoes should also be strengthened! The fronts should be in rubber to absorb shocks and scrapes, for big trainers, as well as, little ballerina shoes.

Comfortable and practical clothes

Your children should feel at ease in their clothes because they will remain seated and attentive for long stretches of time. Choose trousers with elasticated waistbands and baggy tee-shirts, which are easier to wear.

For little boys

The tracksuit is the indispensable item in your child’s wardrobe. A great school classic, neither “trendy” nor “fashionable” but has the merit of being comfortable, warm and in which children feel at ease to move! Combined with a tee-shirt with colourful and original print design, the DPAM jogging bottoms offer an original and comfortable look.

For little girls

For the young ladies, you can opt for a skirt or shorts in flowery prints. Easy to wear, they also allow you to create different looks:

  • With tee-shirt and trainers, you can create a sporty look ;
  • With woolen tights and a pretty cardigan you can create a more feminine look.

As for jogging bottoms, dungarees and trousers, they are not just for boys! In classic grey or girly pink, think chic and practical for the playground.


For shoes, Velcro seems to be the best option for children! Practical, it allows children to put on and take off their shoes quickly for nap time or sports. Take your time, however, and choose the size well thanks to the DPAM guides – the right size shoes determine their comfort and fit.

Clothes for all weather

School lasts from September to July, during which a good part of the year will be subject to rainfall, snow or icy cold weather according to where you live. As the weather can be unpredictable,(true for all France!); think about choosing clothes and shoes which can adapt to the whims of the weather.

Clothes for cold weather

Sometimes banned in schools, scarves can be replaced by a 3-in-1 parka jacket with high collar. If not, roller neck jumpers and long-sleeved tops are ideal in winter to protect your children’s necks. In cold weather, don’t hesitate to add on layers which are easy to put on and take off, better for adapting to changes in temperatures! For example, a long-sleeved top, a shirt or woolen jumper and a good coat, or alternatively, a long-sleeved top, jumper, zip-up cardigan or one with buttons beneath a thick jacket, without forgetting hat and gloves!

Clothes for rainy weather

For rainy weather, the waterproof windbreaker is super practical and allows children to be prepared for weather changes! A small rainfall can come as fast as it leaves, but kids will get wet nonetheless. Don’t forget to choose a lovely pair of rainboots either! They are very practical and those by DPAM are also fun and irresistible!