How should I dress my child when it’s raining?

When the rain starts to fall, you might be reluctant to go out with your child, as they could get soaking wet in no time. But you can easily make sure your little one stays dry during your outing! DPAM offers some tips on how to dress your child when it’s raining and how to make sure they can have fun in all weathers.

Rain clothes for the upper body

Your child must be protected from the rain with the right clothes. And with a dash of style, of course! The right rain coat First, make sure your child has a good knit jumper that can provide some warmth when humidity levels are high. So that they stay dry in the rain, get them a waterproof coat or jacket. DPAM has a range of classic and fun options for little adventurers. Sport in the rain Your little one is full of energy, so nothing should stop them from playing their favourite sport! If you are worried about them catching a cold, the right rain clothes will give you peace of mind. A waterproof jacket with elastic waist will give them the freedom to run around in football or basketball matches, cross-country races, etc. Meanwhile, a raincoat will keep them dry when cycling or rollerblading.

Rain clothes for the lower body

When we think about rain wear, coats usually spring to mind, but your child’s legs need to be protected too. Let’s take a look at the essentials at DPAM! Waterproof trousers Make sure your little one wears waterproof trousers over their normal trousers. Jogging bottoms are the best bet for the bottom layer, as they ensure maximum freedom of movement. Dungarees, meanwhile, offer great torso support and protection, even if they are not waterproof. They act as a cocoon for the whole body and will keep your child warm, even when it’s not raining outside! The perfect rain footwear for your child Jumping in puddles, crossing wet roads or paths… There are so many situations in which your child’s feet could get soaked. But with a good pair of waterproof shoes, there’s no need to worry. DPAM offers a wide range of rain boots and wellies, with colourful stripes, animal designs, flower motifs, polka-dot patterns, and much more. They will stop the rain getting to your child’s legs and feet, while adding a touch of colour to their outfit. And don’t forget some warm socks for little feet that feel the cold!

Accessories that will protect your child from the rain

There are also plenty of accessories that can keep your child dry when it’s wet outside. Babies stay dry under their pushchair’s canopy, but older children need accessories to stay out of the rain. The umbrella: the practical yet fun accessory Your little one will love copying you when you go out together. They will have seen you with a lovely big umbrella and would love to do the same as you, but with a mini version! Get them a fun DPAM umbrella so that they can protect themselves from the wet weather like a grown-up! Whether they would rather our robot design or a prettier pattern, they can choose their new accessory for themselves. Don’t forget a hood Choose a jacket or coat with built-in hood, so that your child can keep their head dry in inclement weather. This way, they can still easily see all around them, despite the showers. You can choose a jacket to match their rain trousers, with floral designs, little animals or all kinds of other shapes!