Children’s jeans: what kind for what outfit?

Jeans are a key piece in any child’s wardrobe. They are a hit with kids and parents alike, as they are comfortable, durable and available in a range of colours and fits. We take a look at the world of children’s jeans and the best garments to go with them!

Types of jeans

Jeans will always have pride of place in our children’s wardrobes. DPAM has plenty of tips regarding this fashion staple!

Jeans: a wardrobe essential

Jeans are a basic garment available in all kinds of fits and finishes. This versatile piece of clothing has been around since the 1850s, and will be hanging around our wardrobes for years to come. With this fashion essential, little girls and boys will feel at ease in all situations, whether at the park, on walks, at school. These simple yet effective trousers can be worn for all occasions.

Different fits

Girls have several fits to choose from. Straight-fit jeans are a classic and go with any look. Meanwhile, slim jeans, skinny jeans and treggings offer the ideal freedom of movement, whereas bootcut jeans create a hippie, chic style. Boys tend to favour straight or slim jeans: a timeless choice ideal for everyday wear. DPAM jeans offer maximum comfort and style in just the time it takes to put them on!

Choosing jeans for girls and boys

When looking for jeans, there are certain criteria you need to keep in mind to make sure your child will be totally comfortable. DPAM has some tips on how to choose this denim essential.

The right jeans for your daughter

Different types of jeans offer different shapes:

• Skinny and slim jeans have a straight, fitted shape;

• Treggings have an elastic waist, fitted shape and comfortable fit, which makes them ideal for the most active little girls;

• Straight jeans are a great basic for all girls;

• Bootcut jeans flare out at the hem for a chic, elongated look !

Jeans for fashion-conscious boys

Boys’ jeans are generally available in two fits: straight or slim, both of which are available at DPAM.

• If your child is fashion-forward, he might like a slim pair of jeans. This style is everywhere in the playground at the moment!

• Meanwhile, straight jeans are ideal for all boys: this basic garment should be in all wardrobes.

Building an outfit around jeans

What goes with jeans? DPAM offers tips to build cool yet comfortable outfits for your little one!

A pretty look for your little girl

Jeans can be a base for all kinds of looks, depending on the fit and colour:

• Skinny jeans: best worn with a blouse, a baggy shirt, or a loose T-shirt;

• Slim jeans: best with quite a loose, baggy top. With DPAM’s slim embroidered jeans, a white shirt will make a pretty, ethereal outfit;

• Bootcut jeans: to be combined with a printed tunic, a fringed poncho or a floral shirt, for the perfect bohemian look;

• Treggings: treggings with a tunic or a long jumper make the ideal chill-out outfit.

Fashionable denim looks for boys

For boys, jeans are a fashion essential. With the jeans available at DPAM, your child can try out various looks:

• Slim jeans: with a turn-up at the hem, a T-shirt and a jacket, your little boy will shine in a confident, on-trend look!

• Straight jeans: with a T-shirt for a classic look, a dark top and a leather jacket for a rock style, a sweatshirt for a sporty outfit… It all depends on your boy’s personal style!