Formal wear and ceremony robes and costumes: Instruction manual

Whether it’s for a baptism, a wedding, an anniversary or a religious ceremony, any happy event your children are going to take part in, will be even more successful if the clothes they are wearing are as comfortable as they are chic. Discover DPAM’s tips for dressing your children for each of these grand events!

What to wear for a baptism?

You have decided to have your child baptised and the big day is here! Here are our tips for perfectly adapted infant clothes for this important event. Baptism robes for a little girl For baby girls, baptism dresses are the order of the day. You will find them in white or light beige colours, symbols of purity and innocence. However, you are free to choose livelier and more vibrant colours if you wish! Suggestions for an irresistible baptism robe for a little girl:

  • A baptism dress with bloomer;
  • A baptism hat or bonnet in white to complete the costume perfectly;
  • A little DPAM bolero jacket to protect against draughts at church.

And with that, your little princess will have a most elegant costume, worthy of such an event! Baptism costume for a little boy As for little boys, they can wear matching pieces for a baptism costume which are chic and elegant. Fabrics such as linen and cotton are light and very pleasant to wear and offer the advantage of being machine washable. Traditional colours are the same as those for little girls. Suggestions for stunning baptism costumes for a little boy:

  • A well-cut pair of trousers or dungarees by DPAM;
  • A beautiful, matching shirt or plain polo shirt;
  • A comfortable jacket for keeping warm during the cooler moments of the day.

Naturally, you can choose the colours you prefer: light tones for a traditional look or livelier, stronger tones for a more flashy look! The accessories To complete your child’s ceremony robes, choose matching baptism socks and shoes. A hat, headband and small bag can also embellish the prettiest dresses for baby girls. A jacket, scarf or shawl can add style and comfort, and add a beautiful finish if the weather isn’t as mild as expected!

What to wear for a wedding?

If your child has been chosen to be a bridesmaid or pageboy for a wedding, he or she will have the honour of appearing in all the wedding photos. So, the ceremony costume is important! It’s best to discuss the dress code with the future married couple to know their wishes. Are there specific colours to respect or even avoid?

The ideal dress for a bridesmaid

For little girls, you can choose between a white, beige or light grey dress or even combined colours. A multi-coloured costume will allow you to combine a skirt and top, blouse or trousers… Don’t forget to buy a jacket or bolero to cover the arms in case of chilly weather. Accessories matching the wedding colours are enough to personalise a classic ceremony dress:

  • For hair, have fun with hair slides, headband, ribbons, hair bands, or scarf according to hair length;
  • A pretty little hat will protect against the sun and add a great finish to the costume;
  • A matching bag will combine chic and be practical for carrying the wedding rings or other items that will be used during the ceremony (rice, confetti, flower petals, etc.);
  • As for transparent tights, they’ll be great in case of unpredictable weather!

The ideal costume for a pageboy

For little boys, also opt for a matching costume: a pair of trousers or Bermuda shorts combined with a shirt or polo shirt. Get a matching DPAM ceremony jacket and according to weather forecasts, a cardigan or light jumper to slip on underneath. Here too, personalise his costume with some well-chosen accessories:

  • A small tie in the wedding colours to amuse the adults and little ones;
  • Matching socks to ensure that your little boy is at the height of elegance;
  • A belt, sunglasses or scarf can also add style to his costume;
  • To complete the look, a beautiful pair of shoes that are elegant but also comfortable and ready to be worn again to other events of the season!