What will baby need when it arrives?

After several months of waiting, you feel the first contractions at last! It’s time to head to the maternity ward but try not to forget anything in the rush to hospital. DPAM helps you prepare a small suitcase for your little one’s arrival, with all the indispensable items in his or her birth bag.

Baby has arrived !

From the fifth month of pregnancy, it is recommended to start preparing your baby’s birth bag which will contain the clothes and accessories that you’ll need at the maternity ward. Indeed, maternity wards do not supply clothes for newborns and it’s always better to be prepared. In your suitcase, ensure you have all the indispensable items for the first days of your baby’s life. At DPAM, with our long-standing experience in advice for new mothers, we recommend the following list of items for your baby’s birth bag. This will save your partner from running to the shops or rushing to and from home to look for missing items. Here is the ideal composition which will help you during the first days of your newborn baby:

  • 6 bodysuits : since it’s not always easy to predict the size of your newborn baby while he or she is still lying coiled in your womb, don’t hesitate to directly buy size 1 month bodysuits. Better to have a bodysuit that’s a little too big which he or she can wear for longer than a bodysuit that’s too small;
  • 6 sleepsuits: as with bodysuits, don’t hesitate to choose size 1-month sleepsuits to be sure that they’ll fit baby well;
  • 3 cardigans with buttons along the front which is more practical, especially for new parents who are dressing their baby for the first time;
  • 1 hat or bonnet, useful while waiting for baby to grow hair to keep its head warm;
  • 1 pair of indoor slippers to keep baby’s tootsies warm;
  • 3 bibs, to help baby stay clean during and after feed time;
  • 1 wrap to place over your shoulder when your carry baby after mealtime;
  • 1 pair of socks to keep baby’s feet warm;
  • 1 pair of mittens to prevent your baby from scratching itself with its little nails and to protect it from the cold if your baby is born in winter;
  • 1 snowsuit, indispensable for babies born in winter to help protect them from the cold the day they leave the maternity ward.

Ask your maternity ward if they provide nappies for newborns. If they do not, remember to put some in your baby change bag.

Baby’s wardrobe

With your baby’s suitcase prepared, you can now start preparing its wardrobe for home. Just as with the baby bag for the maternity ward, it’s better to have it ready before the first signs of childbirth. You’ll have more time to fill baby’s drawers at your own pace. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • 6 cotton or velour pyjamas , according to the time of year baby is due to arrive;
  • 8 bodysuits to ensure you have enough of them to deal with little incidents and accidents without needing to use the washing machine non-stop;
  • 4 pairs of socks ;
  • 1 bonnet or bob hat, depending on whether you have a summer or winter baby;
  • 1 sleepsuit, recommended for snug and soft nights. Pediatricians advise against the use of blankets in cots;
  • 2 bath capes;
  • 8 bibs so that you are never caught short!

Fancy outfits for all moods and desires

Of course, the birth wardrobe need not go without some fancy clothes! Indulge in pretty baby clothes for your baby as you would for special occasions. DPAM offers a range of beautiful clothes for newborns, practical to dress baby with and perfect for the most beautiful of babies:

  • a long-sleeved bodysuit if the weather is cold, perfect with indoor slippers for newborns and a soft bonnet;
  • a pair of fleece dungarees with matching soft toy, to be slipped on over a bodysuit before visiting the grandparents;
  • a comfortable and chic cardigan for a baby set with matching socks and mittens, to keep baby warm beneath a hooded jacket for its first outing to the park;
  • A snowsuit, practical for protecting the newborn during winter outings, to be slipped on over baby’s clothes.