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Guide : swaddle baby

Swaddle Baby !

Swaddle, swaddling… what is it exactly?

Swaddling is an ancestral technique that has been modified for today's taste to soothe the newborn's sleep. In the past, Baby was enveloped in a blanket so that it would feel secure. This technique is still used in many cultures and is making a come back in France. So, strange idea or miracle solution? 

The transition from the mother's stomach to the outer world can be brutal for Baby. Does it often wake itself up by suddenly moving its arms? It has the impression that it is falling into a void, it's the Moro reflex. Swaddling alleviates the void that the infant feels around it and it no longer wakes up because of uncontrollable movements

When it is newborn, Baby has difficulty determining the limits of its own body. The goal of swaddling is to help it rediscover the perception it had " in utero ". If it is done well, envelopping Baby in a blanket should place a light pressure on its stomach and limit unco-ordinated arm movements. It will then feel reassured, sleeping peacefully and you will as well!

When should I swaddle Baby?

The need varies from one newborn to another. Occasionally, the infant feels the need starting from birth, sometimes, it is necessary to wait a week or two. Once you realize that Baby is having difficulty falling asleep, that it cries for no apparent reason or suffers from colic, swaddling is recommended. It quickly relieves the infant's distress. . 

Of course, once it is awake, you must allow freedom of movement so that Baby can discover its hands. It will enjoy playing and its psychomotor development will accelerate. .

How to swaddle ?

The appearance of a swaddled baby may surprise some parents at first; however, all mothers that use it highly recommend it! The swaddling technique is easy to use. You must leave the arms along the body in order to avoid movements that will wake Baby; on the other hand, the swaddled legs should remain mobile. The Redcastle Miracle™ Blanket in cotton jersey has a specially designed shape for swaddling, which appeases and reassures the infant. It also allows keeping the legs free if it is too warm.
The miracle blanket can be used from birth and up to 14 weeks.

What budget ?

The Red Castle Miracle™ Blanket is available on our internet site.
Price : 24€

See the Miracle™ Blanket brochure .