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Guide : choose the right stroller

How to Choose the Right Stroller ?

The infant's age

Newborn or already older ?

From 0 to 6 months

Lapin dortDuring the infant's first months, it will sleep approximately 18 hours per day! It is important for it to be able to lie down in good sleeping conditions. It must rest its spine because it can not yet support its head. The horizontal position is mandatory!

  • The solution : Most parents opt for the carrycot because it allows optimal comfort for infant's sleeping. For walks, the carrycot allows the infant to remain warm and not wake up when it is moved.
  • Practical side : Comfortable, aesthetic, the carrycot is easy to transport and can also serve as a bed or be installed in the car. With its folding cover, your infant will still be protected during excursions!

Up to 12 months

12 moisStarting at 3 months, the infant can already hold its head by itself! The semi-seated position is thus advisable and, towards 4/5 months, curiosity should be encouraged while respecting the infant's comfort. Choose soft seats !

The solution : It is recommended to choose the car-seat that allows adopting the semi-seated position and easily adapts to the frame of the stroller. The 0+ shell is adapted to children up to 28 lbs and is thus recommended for this use.

Practical side : Safety, stability, with an ergonomic handle, the car-seat allows you to transport Baby from the car to the stroller without waking it.

Dès 12 mois : La poussette hamac (2ème âge)

From 12 months : The hammock stroller (12 months and up)

Baby grows quickly ! It discovers the world and needs to see what surrounds it. Long discovery walks are expected, however, don't forget the reclining-seat option. Baby will be free to take a nap during these adventures!

  • The solution : It's the moment to opt for the 12 months and up stroller. Lighter and easier to handle, it is designed so the infant can see its surroundings. Most of these strollers are cane strollers . The umbrella folding system makes it easy to fold very quickly and it takes up little space!
  • Practical side : Lightweight (13-15 lbs), not cumbersome, compact, it folds with one hand!

Your lifestyle

Are you more city or country?

Mode de vieUrban use :

You're a city-dweller at heart? Choose a lightweight and compact stroller. Easy to fold and unfold, it will be your ally for its handiness. Stairs, public transportation or even in the trunk of the car, it adapts to all daily life situations. But be careful, the stroller designed for the city is not for long trips. It is uncomfortable for long journeyss.


  • Characteristics of the city-stroller : Small wheels, lightweight 13-15 lbs, folds with one hand, reduced dimensions once it is folded.

Usage tout terrain

All terrain use :

Do you take walks in the country or in the mountains? Look at the stroller's capacity " to go everywhere "! It will allow you to face all situations: slopes, pebbles, snow, dirt paths … However, all-terrain strollers are larger and more cumbersome than their peers!

  • Characteristics of the all-terrain stroller : Large all-terrain wheels, adjustable suspension for maximum comfort (and in pushing), reclining seat, adjustable handle height.

Your budget

What budget for this purchase?

Infant Stroller: between 300 and 600€ on our site

Stroller for 12 months and up: Cane strollers starting from 99 € on our site

Combination stroller: The global solution is the Pack: The stroller + its hammock + the carrycot + the car-seat /shell between 400 and 600 € on our site

Carrycot only: between 100 and 260€ on our site

Car-seat only: between 120 and 260€ on our site

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