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Guide : special occasion wear

Special Occasion Wear!

Special Occasion Wear – What and When?

Christenings, weddings, religious ceremonies, birthday parties are all bound to be a great success - in fact, any happy event which your children are a part of when they’re dressed in good-looking, chic and comfortable clothes!

What to wear at a christening?

Quelle tenue pour un baptême ?

For LITTLE GIRLS, choose a christening gown (with rompers for babies), combined with white hat or christening bonnet, then complete the look by adding a mini waistcoat in case the church is draughty. Christening gowns should preferably be white or light beige, representing purity and innocence.

For LITTLE BOYS, christening wear is a mix-and-match: trousers or dungarees, shirt or polo shirt and waistcoat, all in cotton or linen, and again colours should be white or light beige.

As a final touch, pick christening shoes and socks to match the clothes.
A hat, hair band and small bag can also add that bit extra to a little girl’s outfit.
And don’t forget a waistcoat, jacket or scarf, easy to slip on if the weather isn’t great!

With the ceremony taking half an hour, BABY will have been fed to keep him or her quiet, otherwise better make sure you’ve got that emergency bib at the ready!

What to wear at a wedding?


If your child has been chosen as pageboy, ring bearer or bridesmaid, they’re going to have the honour of being in all the happy couple’s photos, so their wedding outfits have to be just right.

Talk things over first of all with the soon-to-be newlyweds to see what they want: are there any particular colours to include or avoid?

For little girls, you can choose white, beige or light grey for the dress and then accessorise it in the colours the couple will be wearing: sashes, hair ornaments or hat. Pick a small matching bag so that your child can carry the rings, or the rice and flower petals to throw at the end of the ceremony. Some light coloured tights are a good idea in case the weather is unreliable.

Little boys must also have an outfit that matches: trousers, shirt, waistcoat and why not a boy’s tie to match the couple’s wedding colours! Don’t forget the matching socks so your son’s feet are warm and comfortable inside his shoes.

For girls too, just like the boys, it’s a chance to buy lovely new shoes to wear again on other occasions in the social calendar.


What size?

If you’re buying the clothes in advance, make sure to pick the size that will fit on the actual day! The DU PAREIL AU MEME Help Guides are there to give you a hand with:

Don’t be afraid to order in advance and then exchange if necessary. On returns, exchanges or refunds are easy and won’t cost you a penny!