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Guide : the soft toy

The Essential Soft Toy!

Why a soft toy ?

When the infant is small, it has difficulty with the separation from its mother. The soft toy helps it to better support the moment when it turns to the outer world. According to an English child psychologist, the soft toy becomes a transitional object. The infant will usually choose it when it is around 4 months old.

What does a soft toy look like ?

It can be any stuffed animal or piece of fabric, a teddy bear, a big-eared rabbit or even a blanket!
You can guide the infant towards an object, for example by carrying a stuffed animal near you so it takes on your odour. But in any event, it is the infant that will choose the form of its soft toy .

How to wash the soft toy?

When your Baby spends a lot of time with its soft toy, the time to wash it can pose a problem. With the time needed for washing and drying, the soft toy may not be ready by night-time! In order to avoid the risk of damaging the sacred stuffed animal, machine wash it on the gentle cycle at 86°F. If the soft toy is musical, it is highly advisable to only wash the surface, with a wet sponge for example. 

Advice : Buy at least 2 duplicates of the famous soft toy! One for when the other is being washed.

The soft toy, for the entire day?

The soft toy, as a transitional object, is recommended when Baby is not with its parents, for example, at night, or at the nursery … However, during mealtimes or playtime, try to make it forget about its soft toy … It will then avoid becoming a sacred object, and in case it gets lost, Baby will certainly feel less sad.

The soft toy, up to what age?

The right time is when you feel Baby is ready. Ideally, at the beginning of primary school because naps are finished. It's a new stage for Baby, and it's good to take advantage to separate it from the soft toy. In the majority of cases, the infant wants to prove that it is big and will choose to leave it behind.