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Guide : nurse your infant

How to Nurse your Infant? 

1. Breastfeeding

What are the advantages?


Obviously, breastfeeding is the most natural and most recommended way to feed Baby. Mother's milk contains everything that Baby needs, including antibodies that protect it from illnesses.

It is also the opportunity to spend a special moment of happiness with one's Baby! Smelling its odour, holding it in your arms, this moment allows creating invaluable ties between mother and child. Additionally, this facilitates losing the pounds that were accumulated during pregnancy more quickly; breastfeeding allows the mother to burn fat.

What position?

The right position is the one where you feel good! Whether you prefer to be seated, or lying down, you decide. On the other hand, you can use a breastfeeding cushion whose shape has been designed to ease your effort and facilitate Baby's comfort.

When to breastfeed?

In general, Baby will find its own feeding rhythm. It is strongly advisable to have a steady rhythm during the first months in order to stimulate the flow of milk. Breastfeeding can last up to 6 months without integrating any other food to Baby's diet. 

To give yourself a little more freedom, you can use a breast pump . This will allow you to leave your infant for several hours and the father can also provide Baby's meals.

2. Bottle

What are the advantages?


Firstly, you control exactly the amount of milk that Baby swallows and that is reassuring. Next, the Father can participate by also feeding Baby. It is the beginning of family meals, which will become an enjoyable moment.

What nipples to use ?

It is the nipple that adapts to Baby and not the contrary! Of course, nipples are conceived according to age but no Baby feeds the same way. Nipples for every age exist, some are also 2 or 3 speeds to adjust the flow, but here again, you need to adapt to the infant.

Can a baby bottle be prepared in advance?

You can of course get organized by preparing a baby bottle in advance. Think of buying several baby bottles (at least 6), it's the quantity that will fit in a sterilizer . Also, you will sterilize all of them at once!

3. First dishes

Starting from what age?

A partir de quel âge ?

Up to 4 months, Baby only needs milk. Starting at 4 months, you can begin to let the infant discover new tastes: a well mixed apple sauce snack, a vegetable purée at lunch. 

Some babies are reticent in the beginning to eat with a spoon, you can use a first meal spoon , specially designed to adapt more easily to to your little one's mouth. The transition will be easier. 

To help you pamper your Baby, mixer/cookers exist that cook home-made dishes without having to get out the pots and pans. You only have to choose the ingredients and the appliance cooks for you! During this time, you can take care of Baby without being disturbed. 

To adapt to Baby's growth and its appetite, discover the dish that evolves . It holds heat, goes in the dish-washer and micro-wave and is also shock resistant!
2 stackable dishes (2 products in 1): one large dish for infants between 12 and 18 months, very stable, anti-skid + a small dish with slanted base for smaller babies.