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Guide : preparing the newborn's trousseau

What will Baby need during its first hours ?

De quoi aura besoin Bébé les premières heures ?At last ! Baby is arriving !
In order to leave calmly for the maternity hospital, it's better to plan everything ahead! The family is growing, so you will need another bag!

Place the essentials for Baby's first days in the nursery bag.

In order to assist you, DPAM has composed the ideal newborn layette for Baby's first days.

 6 bodysuits : 3 bodysuits newborn size and 3 bodysuits 1 month
6 sleepers : 3 sleepers newborn size and 3 bodysuits 1 month
- 1 hat
- 1 pair of slippers
- 1 pair of mittens
- 3 bibs
- 1 baby blanket
- 1 pair of socks
- 3 undershirts
- 1 snowsuit