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Guide : cleaning

What detergent to use?

To avoid allergies on Baby's delicate skin, it is recommended to not add softener. If you can really not do without, use softeners for sensitive skin

For the detergent, you can opt for one that is based on household soap in order to avoid all risks of allergy. In any case, choose a detergent that has been dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic.
You can also opt for alternative solutions, like soap nuts for laundry. These products are ecological and work very well!

Deciphering cleaning

At DPAM, all the clothing and textile accessories that are sold have a care label. Here are the symbols that are used:

Décodage d'entretien

Some cleaning tips

Here are some tips from the DPAM team so that laundry and spot removing are no longer a chore!

Tip n°1: Your white clothes become gray? Wash them with lemon !
Place several wedges of lemon in a sock or a light colored bag and tie a knot. Do your laundry as normal with the products that you usually use. You'll see the difference: your light colored clothes will be rejuvenated! And your clothes will smell like fresh lemon …

Tip n°2 : Try to wash clothing sets or matching items together! That will allow you to avoid differences in shades after several washes

Tip n°3 : Close all the velcro fasteners before washing, that will keep them from gathering particles!

Tip n°4 : To protect fragile items (hose, tights, voile…), place them in a bag or a pillow case before putting them in the washing machine.