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Guide : carrying baby

Carrying your Baby Well!

Carrying, a tradition ?

Since the beginning of time, women have carried their children in order to protect them, feed them or keep them warm. Vulnerable at birth, the infant is dependant upon its parents for all activities linked to survival: food, sleep, warmth…

Carrying is a means to be close to your infant while taking care of daily activities.


Benefits for Baby…

At birth, the infant needs proximity with its parents in order to feel reassured. With carrying, it rediscovers the sensations that it had " in utero " while at the same time being physically and mentally stimulated. The infant can relax, and free its movements by using those of its carrier. It is an excellent transition from the mother's stomach to the exterior world. Carrying facilitates digestion and the evacuation of air in the digestive system, it reduces regurgitation problems. 

When Baby begins to grow, the benefits of carrying continue ! It allows anticipating the risk of dysplasia by encouraging the development of the hip (the position of the open legs is excellent), the development of the spinal column is also assisted. Lastly, the sense of balance develops easier.

... And for parents !

You have the impression that two arms are no longer sufficient ? 

Try carrying your Baby, your 2 hands become free! Even when alone at home, daily chores become easier and that will allow you to have more confidence in yourself and your abilities to take care of your infant. Also, you can take Baby everywhere with you ! Let alone mentioning the pleasure that one feels holding one's Baby near, smelling its odour, its breathing … Numerous doctors have emphasized today the importance of developing the parent-child relationship, particularly at birth. 



When to carry Baby?

Starting from birth ! You should nonetheless begin reasonably, particularly if you have just given birth. A short period is recommended at the beginning, then you can progressively increase the carrying time, which will allow you to get used to it slowly. 

In principle, you can carry Baby for as long as you want. You will feel the time has come when you or the infant no longer wants to. In general, you can carry like this up to 3 years.

How to carry Baby?

When you carry Baby starting from birth, always be careful that its face is always facing your body because it can't support its head yet. The carrying method that we recommend is also the one that will suit you the best! 

On the other hand, carrying Baby facing the world is not the most advisable. It does not respect the child's morphology, the vital parts of its body will be exposed, it is difficult to fall asleep, the feeling of a rapport with the carrier is limited. 

Carrying on the stomach : This is a close and tender way to carry, that which is practiced starting from birth, and which procures the most sensations: one can feel Baby, take it in one's arms, give it kisses … It also allows breast-feeding without moving Baby from its little nest. However, this kind of carrying is less practical than on the back because the load is in front. Furthermore, the freedom of movement of the carrying parent is limited.

Carrying on the back : Very practical for the parent that can go about daily tasks, it's the most used carrying method in the world. Baby benefits from a large field of vision and can adapt its rhythm of life to that of its carrier ; it thus participates in daily activities, along with the rest of the family.

Carrying on the hip : This is a good position for Baby who can grip the carrier's body with its legs. A good field of vision allows it to take advantage of its surroundings. Carrying on the hip can be a transition for parents who are not yet ready to carry on the back. On the other hand, it is only a practical way to carry for short distances.

What budget ?

The baby-carrier 
Between approximately 80 and 120€ on our site. 

The carrying sling 
Approximately 75€ on our site.