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Guide : choose the right car seat

How to Choose the Right Car-seat ?


1. The infant's weight

How much does the infant weigh?

In order to make the right choice, it is important to respect the weight category of your child. Being lighter in weight, the infant is also more vulnerable in the event of an accident. Car-seats are designed to adapt to the morphology of children and to provide them maximum safety in the event of a shock. In making your choice, consider the weight rather than the age of your child. Baby will grow very quickly, you will therefore have to change models several times.

The weight categories

Car-seats are categorized in the following manner :

  • Group 0 : from birth to 22 lbs, (from 0 to 18 months approximately)
  • Group 0+ : from birth to 28 lbs, (from 0 to 3 years approximately)
  • Group 1 : from 20 to 40 lbs, (from 1 year to 6 years).
  • Group 2 : from 33 to 55 lbs, (from 4 to 9 years)
  • Group 3 : from 48 to 79 lbs, (from 7-8 years to 12 years).)

2. Safety

What are the safety requirements?

The infant's safety is essential! You should know that up until 10 years, the car-seat is mandatory. To take the infant with you everywhere from birth, you need to make the right choices and ensure your child's maximum safety. In the event of an accident, the car-seat protects the child and prevents it from being thrown forward. Standards allow ensuring that models are subject to strict testing.

The European standard ECE R 44/03 or ECE R 44/04, is easily recognizable by its orange label. The approval visa allows you to be sure that the quality of the material meets the safety standards of European regulations.

- " Universal " indicates that the product is compatible with all vehicles.
- The range of children's' weights which the product is designed for.
- The letter E signifies that it meets the European standard .
- The number that follows indicates the country that delivered the approval.

In order to be completely efficient, seatbelts must be securely adjusted (½in to ¾in of play). Be careful to not twist the straps and correctly fasten the seat-belt. 

Attach the car-seat to the car : All car-seats are sold with an instruction manual. Follow the instructions. The efficiency of the retaining system greatly depends on the installation. Once it is in place, the car-seat should not budge. If your car is compatible, opt for the Isofix system : the seat attaches directly to the car (not to the seat-belt) and safety is reinforced with this method of attachment. Be careful : verify that your vehicle is equipped with this system. 

Never buy second-hand material! If the car-seat has already undergone a shock in an accident, it is no longer as safe. Damage is not always visible.

3. Comfort

What are the essential points?

The infant should feel comfortable in the car-seat so that journey, whether long or short, is enjoyable. The infant will be less tempted to move if the seat is comfortable. For new-borns, the horizontal position remains the best adapted, even if the shell of the seat is only suitable for a limited time. Your child's welfare is primordial ! 

Comfortable : Car-seat manufacturers develop technologies for the infant's comfort in the car. When making your choice, look at the stuffing, elbow-rest, head-rest, belt adjustor, adjustable option or reclining seat, etc,... 

Easy to clean : Choose a seat with a removable cover that is machine washable at 86°F. : Choose a seat with a removable cover that is machine washable at 86°F. 

4. Your budget

What budget for this purchase?

Group 0 (less than 22 lbs):

The carrier : Doubly useful, it can be installed cross-wise on the back-seat and also adapts to the stroller! It costs between 95 and 260€ on our site.

Group 0+/1 (from 0 to 40 lbs):

The seat with its back to the road : It must be installed in the back-seat of the vehicle and adapts to compatible strollers. It costs between 125 and 250€ on our site.

Group 1-2-3 (from 20 to 79 lbs):

The developing seat : Some car-seats meet several categories by adapting to the growth of the child. Sometimes they cover the categories 1, 2 and 3. This product costs approximately 250€ on our site.

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