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Guide : baby's clothing

Clothing for children

How to choose Baby's clothing and accessories?

Shapes, fabrics, colors… Not always easy to choose the right item of clothing!
At DPAM, we have been taking care of children for more than 20 years. Our job is to conceive and create the right clothing for your little one. And to guide you in your choices, here is some advice from our team.

Clothing for every age!

First months

For the first days at the maternity hospital, it is advisable to prepare a newborn layette. During the first months, go for practicality! You will save time and moments with Baby will be a real joy. At DPAM, we offer you a collection of bodysuits and sleepers adapted to your needs. Crossing over on the front, with snaps at the crotch and on the back so that clothing facilitates daily life! 

Starting from 2 months, you can begin dressing Baby in tee-shirts that go over the head, and in this case, choose the boat neck. It provides a large opening and easy slip-on. 

From 6 months

Always make sure to choose what is practical. Choose a wide opening for the head and easy fastening, but you can begin to buy sweaters with little buttons or even trousers with zippers. 

Given the speed with which Baby grows, think to regularly verify clothing sizes, particularly gathered wrists and ankles so they aren't too tight.

Starting from 12 months, opt for more resistant clothing because Baby will begin to crawl all over the place in the house. When it starts to get dressed by itself, choose sweaters with printed motifs, it will be easier to see where the head goes!

You are going to really enjoy dressing Baby! Our designers have conceived clothing with original and colorful designs, with motifs and prints that are very fashionable for children.

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Les matières

For Baby's delicate skin, natural fabrics are recommended, they help to avoid allergies. Choose cotton and natural textiles like linen, particularly if it is an item of clothing that will be worn next to the skin, like bodysuits for newborns.

Mix fabrics in natural fibers! Cotton velvet for pyjamas and sleepers, cotton terry-cloth for towels and bath capes, knit cotton bodysuits for little ones…