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Guide : baby at the beach

First Vacation at the Beach

Premières vacances à la plageLeaving for a beach vacation ?

Baby will discover the new world of the sea, the beach, seashells, sun, … Baby will benefit as much as you, however, certain rules should be applied for Baby's safety. 


What are the risks for Baby at the beach ?

The sun

Babies have fragile skin and, like you, it is better to avoid exposing skin during hours when the temperature is the hottest. For Baby, the beach is the morning or the afternoon after 4 p.m.! Take advantage of the lunch break to rest in the shade 

To prepare Baby for the joys of the beach, better to anticipate everything. The beach kit is essential: 

Lunettes1. It is mandatory to protect eyes ! Have Baby wear sunglasses with 100% U.V. protection, minimum category 3 for strong exposure to light. 


Chapeau2. The essential hat ! When Baby is exposed to sun, cover its head to protect it from sunstroke. Choose the one you prefer among our hats, caps and other headgear. 


Tee shirt3. The tee-shirt is essential for protecting skin, in addition to sun lotion. Baby is still too young to be directly exposed to the rays of the sun in just a bathing suit. 



Maillot4. And of course its first swimsuit ! One piece, two piece or just the bottoms, choose your baby's swimsuit from all our models. 

The sea

BiberronEven if the sea is a source of games and amusement, you must always remain vigilant when Baby is wading. The risk of drowning is elevated for tiny ones because 4 in of water is enough. Here again, remain constantly vigilant because an accident happens quickly. 

To avoid dehydrating, remember to give Baby something to drink regularly. Take its baby bottle or its cup that can be filled with water and you can even use an atomizer to cool Baby down.